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Air Duct Restoration

Duct Armor Process

  1. A video inspection is done to determine the damage to the existing ductwork
  2. An Advanced Air Duct Solutions, Inc. technician will thoroughly go over the options available to the customer
  3. If faulty gutters or ground water is causing deterioration, the homeowner is responsible for taking steps to resolve all water invasion issues - standing water must be extracted
  4. Air ducts must be free of loose debris - we can take care of your cleaning needs
  5. Duct Armor is then sprayed into the ductwork to completely seal all ducts
  6. A follow up video inspection is made to ensure that all ducts are completely coated - if necessary, touch-ups or a second, lighter coat of Duct Armor will be applied when system has heavy deterioration or gaps and faulty seals

Immediately after installation, the air system is ready to be used again. Since 50% of the liner is made from bonding materials, no primer is needed. This creates a patented, single application process that saves customers money and time. Once Duct Armor is applied, customers enjoy efficient heating and cooling systems, good air quality, and energy savings. Duct Armor is maintenance free and fully guaranteed for hassle-free use.

This patented process is one of a kind. We ensure that not only are your ducts completely coated with Duct Armor, but that the ductwork is also reinforced to extend the life of your underground ductwork.

All Work Is Backed By A 15 Year Transferrable Warranty. We Currently Maintain A 100% Customer Satisfaction Rate.

ICC-ES Approved Listing #PMG-1043
Patent#7,112,350 B1

Duct Seal Technologies owns the proprietary and patented technology for repairing HVAC air ducts affected by mold and rust. This innovative technology makes use of Duct Armor to restore your ductwork to provide clean and healthy air.

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